TimiAlaere the Label

TimiAlaere is a womenswear fashion label based and made in Melbourne Australia. The ready-to-wear independent label, was founded by Timi Onduku-Pedley in 2012, in pursuit of her passion for fashion. The Alaere of the label refers to a 'woman of substance - the universal muse for the label. Women who strive to bring forth the best of themselves. Women, who are confident with an eclectic sense of style, and embraces trends, but are not confined or dictated by trends.  

Timi’s fashion journey begins from her country of birth Nigerian, with its vibrant African fabric culture of bold batik prints, and settled in her adopted home – Australia, with his laidback fashion culture of solid fabric colours and clean line, simple design aesthetics. The combination of these two different, yet beautiful fashion cultures forms the foundation of TimiAlaere’s design concept. A design concept, that focuses on trans-seasonal pieces with minimalist silhouettes, and a touch of subtle intricacies. 

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